The Yoder Frontiersman Competition Smoker Wants to Eat Your Kettle Grill

The 3,100 pound wood-fed grill can damn near spit roast an entire steer. 

Roll up to a tailgate pulling the Yoder Frontiersman and all the brat burners in the lot will bow down at the altar of your meat cooking supremacy. The 3,100 pound wood fed competition grill is a pit masters dream, with 2080 square inches of space with which to give the low and slow treatment to everything from a small farm’s worth of pork shoulders to damn near an entire steer. It has three main racks sitting on which to place proteins and can be upgraded with another 1,253 inches if you have bolder barbecue dreams.

The ten gauge stainless steel smoker sits on a burly trailer and is equipped with all the luxuries anyone worthy of a leather apron and fire retardant oven mitts would require, including built in tie downs and the requisite door counter weights. And if the bright orange paint job isn’t enough of a statement maker, the frontiersman is available in custom jobs. $8,300;