You Need This Multi-Tool Throwing Knife

Put that in your knife and smoke it.

A few months ago, a multi-tool throwing knife shredded the competition (forgive us) with a truly versatile piece of outdoor technology. Now, they’re opening up the second round of pre-orders, and if you missed it the first time, get your priorities straight and dig into that wallet.

Kniper¬†boasts a remarkable 18 capabilities and features, including a saw, a fork, prybar, wrench, and bottle opener, just to name a few. But the most impressive? It’s also got a bowl you can pack and smoke 100%-completely-totally legal tobacco substances out of.

The whole thing is made of 420 high carbon stainless steel, making it a durable addition to your mutli-tool roster. At just a over a foot in length, and 2.5 inches in width, it’s a formidable opponent to whatever nature throws at you., or perhaps more accurately, what you throw at it. [Urchinsky, $145]

Photos by Urchinsky