You’ll Never Lose Another Umbrella

The Blunt XS Metro x Tile Has features a Tracking Device, because a lost umbrella doesn’t have to stay lost forever. 

Cabs, the C train, the roof of a woman’s house in Carmel, Indiana – you name it, I’ve left an umbrella there. And I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve wasted on fancy replacements I swore I’d never lose again or those ten dollar drug store umbrellas that crumple if you so much as sigh heavily. That’s why the Blunt XS Metro x Tile Umbrella is my new go-to. A pocket on the underside of the umbrella holds a Tile GPS tracking device that syncs with your phone. Leave the umbrella somewhere within 50-100 feet and the Tile app will not only show you its exact location, but will also coax a chime out of the umbrella to help you find it faster. If you’re out of range, the app will display the umbrella’s last tracked location so you know where to look. Lost and found abilities aside, the Blunt’s high-tension canopy and fiberglass ribs stay intact even if a strong wind blows them inside-out and it features rounded edges to prevent any spoke-related eye-gouging. $TBD;