This Amazing Flying Camera Automatically Follows You Around

The “Hover Camera” will be seriously fun at parties.

Just power on

In a world beset by crazily named tech companies and products, occasionally there’s truth in advertising. Such is the case with Hover Camera. Power it on, release into the air and it hovers, capturing your splendor with 13-megapixel stills or 4K video.

Not only that, using facial recognition and fancy algorithms, it can follow you. Definitely way cooler—and safer—than the average selfie stick. Plus, it rotates in place to effortlessly capture great panoramas.

It's foldable, portable and durable
It’s foldable, portable and durable (Photo: Zero Zero Robotics)

Built from tough carbon fiber, it’s definitely durable. And it folds up to about the size of a VHS tape (ask your uncle what those were), so it’s nice and portable. Although certainly bigger than the average compact camera, can your camera fly? Thought not.

Unfortunately, it’s not currently available for purchase, but you can request to be a Beta tester on their site. Good luck and happy hovering!