The Badass Motorbike Built to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

It’s a ride fit for Daryl from The Walking Dead

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If there’s one key lesson from our pop culture visions of a post-apocalyptic world, it’s that survival of the fittest really means survival of the best-equipped.

That’s where the Black Ops Edition of the Motoped Survival Bike comes in. Developed by the Santa Cruz-based motorbike designers and billed as “your tactical blank canvas,” the powerful, lightweight aluminum motorbike is a ride fit for, among other things, battling hordes of zombies.

For its size, this bike is a workhorse: The primary fuel tank is supplemented by two extra side-mounted tanks designed to take riders nearly 400 miles without refueling, while the 49-125cc motor packs a serious punch perfect for getting out of tight spots and making a quick escape.

But the most important aspect of this bad boy is its flexibility: the bike was built “for the creative survivalist [to] apply your favorite gear and escape with your life.” And by favorite gear, we mean chainsaws, a shovel (or a Lobo, for you World War Z fans), knives, axes, rope, a handlebar-mounted GPS, and plenty of space for other weapons. Here’s an example of a fully decked-out version from the folks over at HiConsumption:

As you can tell, this thing can carry a lot of deadly gear — including a crossbow, if you want to make like The Walking Dead‘s favorite toxophilite Darryl. 

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Sure, its unlikely that you’ll have to fight off herds of zombies anytime soon. But hey, you might as well take a page out of the Boy Scout’s manual and be prepared.