This Ultra Thin Fold-Out Knife Is Also a Bottle-Opener

We love a tool that multi-tasks.

Building on the success of their hyper-resourceful PocketMonkey, Zootility Tools is coming out with an even cooler EDC: The WildCard ($25 through Kickstarter, where it’s already funded). Using an innovative proprietary pivot system, it incorporates a handy serrated blade, yet remains less than 2mm thin. The blade detaches and can be replaced if you’re heading through TSA and somehow manage to forget that you’re concealing a potential weapon within your wallet. Whoops.

For your protection, it locks both open and closed—and includes blade protectors, so you don’t accidentally shred your fingers grabbing it out of your pocket. That would’ve been plenty, but of course it integrates a few other features, including a prybar, screwdriver and howling wolf-shaped bottle opener.

Photos by Zootility Tools