10 Great Old School Colognes That Every Man Should Own

You can’t go wrong with any of these timeless classics.

Of the hundreds of colognes on the market, there are a only select handful that have survived fleeting fads and stood the test of time, thereby achieving iconic status.

And since a gentlemen must always have a signature scent, here are 10 classic fragrances that will never go out of style, so that you can always smell your best and turn heads wherever you go. 

1. Eau Savage, Dior

Created by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in 1966, Eau Sauvage is a timeless, captivating fragrance that is downright irresistible to women, with fresh citrus, bitter rosemary, and sensual vetiver.

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2. Allure Homme, Chanel

The intricate composition of fresh cedar, bright mandarin, warm vanilla, and spicy black pepper make this irresistibly complex fragrance the perfect combination of crisp and warm, fit for the mysterious dude that women just can’t stay away from. 

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3. Acqua Di Gio, Giorgio Armani

Inspired by the breezy Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, Armani created this classic fragrance in 1996, with top notes of fresh citrus that deepen with accents of patchouli, cedar, and rosemary, for a signature scent of summery masculinity.

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4. Mûre et Musc, L’Artisan Parfumeur

Launched in 1978, Mure et Musc is the perfect signature scent for those who prefer something a little sweeter, with crisp top notes of Amalfi lemon, mandarin orange, and basil, rich middle notes of sweet red berries, and a musky oakmoss base.

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5. Colonia, Acqua Di Parma

First introduced in 1916 to perfume gentlemen’s handkerchiefs, Colonia is over a century old, which means it’s officially one of the most timeless and celebrated fragrances of all time.

Combining the alluring aromas of Bulgarian rose, balmy amber, and light musk, this hypnotic fragrance is the epitome of sophistication and class.

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6. Vetiver, Guerlain

For those who enjoy a lighter, breezier signature scent, this one is the one for you. First created in 1961 bu Jean-Paul Guerlain himself, Vetiver combines top notes of bergamot, coriander, lemon, and neroli, with a warm, dusky base of tobacco, Tonka bean, walnuts, and pepper.

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7. Green Irish Tweed, Creed

A woody and fresh fragrance as old as time, Green Irish Tweed opens with celestial top notes of peppermint and lemon verbena, and settles into a deep, musky base of Florentine iris, sandalwood, and ambergris.

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8. Chrome, Azzaro

Another one of the lighter, cooler timeless fragrances, Chrome is a delicate citrus scent with top notes of refreshing pineapple, neroli, bergamot, and lemon, that open up into middle notes of cyclamen, coriander, and oakmoss, before settling into a warm, dewy base of sandalwood, musk, and cedar.

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9. Pour Monsieur, Chanel

Considering it was designed in 1955, Pour Monsieur is an eternal classic when it comes to fragrances. Oakmoss and cedar make a sharp, seductive base for spicy middle notes of ginger, cardamom, and basil, layered on invigorating top notes of verbena, lemon, and neroli, all coming together to form a perfectly balanced, impeccably masculine fragrance.

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10. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, Issey Miyake

Slightly different than the other classic fragrances, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, which has been around since 1994, is an aquatic scent with top notes of yuzu, bergamot, and tarragon, woody middle notes of nutmeg and flowery water lily, and intense end notes of tobacco, sandalwood, vetiver, and musk. 

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