10 Sex Gifts That Keep On Giving

Moves and toys that’ll blow her mind in the bedroom this holiday season. And the rest of the year, too.

It’s that time of year when we’re reminded ’tis better to give than to receive, and what better place to start than in the bedroom? So forget about the frenzied last-minute shopping, and try one of these sexy scenarios guaranteed to jingle her sleigh bells!

Photo by Eric Ray Davidson

Get Sentimental
Putting the effort into creating a romantic scenario will get most women in the mood faster than a new clutch. “My boyfriend didn’t have a lot of money last Christmas, so I was bracing myself for a pair of gloves,” says Linda*, 23. “But on Christmas Eve, he texted me saying, ‘Sorry I’m so poor. You’ve been the best part of my year. Let me prove it by making you feel amazing tonight.’ It was so sweet and genuine that I jumped him the second he got to my door.” So if you can’t afford an extravagant gift, a com­pliment with some extra innuen­do can get you a bigger return—and you save money on wrapping paper!

Help Her Chill
“The holidays are tense, and an erotic connection can help with that,” explains Carol Queen, Ph.D., a staff sexologist with online sex toy store Good Vibrations. “Taking the time to satisfy your partner is a great, pleasurable distraction, even if you’re not adding anything new into the mix.” So when your girl’s stressing over what fruit basket to buy your mom, find a moment to lay her down on the bed, cover her in kisses and let extended foreplay lead to an explosive orgasm. Beat that, Santa.

Linger Down There
Instead of getting your girl hot and bothered as a mere primer for sex, slow down and let her savor the experience. “When my boyfriend and I were at my parents’ house for the holidays, sex wasn’t an option on the creaky bed,” says Molly, 27. “One night he went down on me for an hour, putting pressure on my clit with his tongue and alternating between slow and fast licks. Just thinking about it makes me horny!”

Let Good Girls Go Bad
You may enjoy your girl’s Martha Stewart act, but encouraging her to unleash her inner vixen can be a huge turn-on for both of you. “I’m not Jewish, and last year my boyfriend invited me to celebrate the last day of Hanukkah with his family. I read up on the traditions and did my best to impress them,” says Natalie, 25. “Back at our place, he gave me a box with a whip and a note that said, ‘You’ve been so good, now I want you to be bad to me.’ Under the circumstances, it was the perfect gift.” Giving her the reins in the bedroom can be a huge turn-on, and gifting her with the right props can only enhance the experience. Mazel tov!

Make a Wish List
If your girl isn’t into surprises, ask her to create a holiday wish list of her specific sex fantasies. Write them on separate pieces of paper, put them in a jar by your bed, and randomly pick one any night you’re feeling frisky. “My fiancé and I are used to not being able to get it on at either of our parents’ houses,” says Fiona, 31. “It’s pretty cheesy, but last year we planned a ‘12 Days of XXX-mas.’ We each put six sex scenarios we’d been craving in a box and pulled one out a night leading up to Christmas. Come family time, we felt super naughty knowing all the dirty stuff we’d done leading up to caroling.”  

Wrap Her Up
Lots of girls like to make a present out of themselves, surprising their guys with something special in the bedroom: “Here’s something lacy to unwrap. (Inside: boobs!)” “A lot of women enjoy becoming live gifts for their partners,” Queen explains. “The holidays give them a boost of confidence and a context to make sex especially memorable.” A luxurious set of lingerie can be the perfect way to pamper your girl, and she’ll be more than eager to show her gratitude by taking it off to repay you. Some girls will do anything to get out of writing a thank-you note.

“Punish” Naughty Girls
Ask your girl if she’s been naughty or nice this year. If she says the former, chances are she’ll be fine with a little spanking. “My boyfriend already knew that I loved the idea of being dominated,” shares Mara, 26. “One Christmas Eve he sent a card to my office that read, ‘I hear  you’ve been a naughty girl.’ That night, after a smack on my ass, I knew I was going to come harder than ever.”

Play Props Master
Many women have sexy hobbies, so find a gift to complement those activities. “Last year I’d started pole dancing classes and my boyfriend said that for Christmas he’d like to see me work those moves into a striptease,” says Taryn, 24. “Given the elaborate lingerie he got me for it, it was a win for both of us.” So even if your girl’s pastime is reading erotic fiction, promise her you’ll provide the props. Warning: If she says, “strap-on dildo,” there’s no backing out (just bending over).

Grab the Mistletoe
Strike at the right time and this shrimpy shrub can lead to much more than a kiss. “One night before my family arrived for Christmas, I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when my fiancé came in with some mistletoe and asked for a kiss,” shares Bella, 29. “As soon as we locked lips, I realized how horny I was. He bent me over, ripped off my panties, and we did it right there.”

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Don’t underestimate the power of sneaking away from the festivities to get a few minutes alone (and undressed) with each other. “In the midst of the present-opening chaos at my family’s house, my guy whispered how much he wanted me—right then,” says Emme, 23. “We bolted to a closet and had the hottest quickie ever.” Horny holidays to all, and to all a great night!

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