This 100 Proof Rye Whiskey Spiked With Rock Candy Is Sweet Relief

The Prohibition-era blend of rye and rock candy was long rumored to be a cure-all for common ailments.


Philadelphia-based Cooper Spirits Co. just unveiled its Slow & Low 100 Proof Rock and Rye, a high-test, limited edition version of its popular Slow & Low, billed as “America’s Original Bottled Cocktail.” At 100 proof, the high-octane hooch has a drier taste profile, a striking hunter orange label, and yes, even contains some old-timey rock candy inside.

Cooper Spirits

Union-made by Local 500 in Philly’s working-class Kensington neighborhood and based on a Prohibition-era recipe, Slow & Low is a unique blend of 8-year-old straight rye whiskey, air-dried navel oranges from Florida, 100 percent raw honey from Western Pennsylvania, Angostura Bitters and a small dose of that aforementioned rock candy. 

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Cooper Spirits

Rock and rye’s heritage dates back to the early 1800s, when bartenders in saloons would serve a shot of almost undrinkable, unaged rye whiskey with a small bowl of rock candy which could be added to the rotgut to take the edge off. 

Later it became a pre-bottled cure-all for the common cold, sniffles, sore throats, coughs any other ailment requiring a healthy slug of booze. 

No need to consult your doctor—sounds like this candy-spiked rye will cure just about anything.