This Extravagant New Whiskey Is Filtered Through Actual Gold Flakes

Talk about rich and smooth.


Gold Bar Gold Finished Whiskey is a new spirit that’s either the next Goldschläger or just a case of good booze in bad packaging, depending on your point of view.  A blend of American whiskies drawn from Kentucky and Indiana distilleries, the migratory spirit is sent West to “follow the same cross-country journey made by fortune seekers of the last 175 years to the Golden State of California,” where it is passed through a “filter made of 24-karat flakes” before being bottled at 80 proof.

Gold Bar

The individually numbered bottles are come in horizontal boxes designed to look like gold bars, with a “Lady of Fortune” coin, a replica of a hand-sculpted, 24-karat gold coin, pressed into the front of each glass bottle. The coins, “inspired by the world’s most renowned heroines of victory,” were made at what’s described as America’s oldest operating private mint.

  • Made up of 88% corn, 9% rye, 2% barley, it’s a clear, golden amber in appearance, with a herbaceous, spicy aroma of clove and cardamom. On the palette it starts with spice and apples with fresh citrus balanced with honey, and the finish is smooth and balanced with no roughness or bitterness, according to the brand’s tasting notes. And you can take that to the bank.