The 40 Best Man Cities

We looked at nightlife, sports franchises, career opportunities—and girls—to determine the ideal place to live

How did we pick the best bergs in the USA?k  With math! Seriously, with a lot of damn math. Below, find the final formula plus all the variables that went into it, all courtesy of Garth Sundem, author of Geek Logic and hours of toil. Seriously, we toiled the crap out of this thing. So much toiling.



Career Opportunity

•  UE= Unemployment rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

•  COMT= Percent daytime population change due to commuting ( 


•  BSC= Ranking on sporting news best sports cities according to Sporting News 

•  PSTM= Number of professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey teams

• PSTO= Number of other professional sports teams

•  SB= Number of Google map hits for “Sports bar, city, state”, e.g. “Sports bar, Chicago, IL”

Girls and Sex

•  HH= Number of Maxim hometown hotties from this city

•  OD= Online dating: search the city with default settings at; Od is the number of pages of profiles listed

•  SW= Ratio of unmarried men to 100 unmarried women in city’s state 

•  BMI= Percentage of population “obese” 

•  COLLEGE= Number of people in college dormitories 

•  STRIP= Number of Goolge map hits for “Strip club, city, state”, e.g. “Strip club, Chicago, IL”


•  BARS= Number of Google map hits for “bar, city, state”, e.g. “bar, Chicago, IL”

•  BINGE= Binge drinking statistics

•  INTOX= City public intoxication arrests/citations/etc. You pick the stat, as long as it’s standardized across cities.

•  STEAK= Number of Google map hits for “Steakhouse, city, state”, e.g. “Steakhouse, Chicago, IL”

Health and Recreation

•  CO=Parts per million (ppm) Carbon monoxide

•  EX= Percentage of people having exercised in the past month 

•  CLMT= Number of sunny days per year 

•  HUNT= Total hunting licenses, permits and stamps in city’s state 


•  IG= Percentage five year income growth

•  PC= Population change (

•  POP= Population