5 Drool-Worthy Treehouses You Can Actually Stay In

Start packing your bags, people.

Treehouses are the best houses. They’re efficient, economical, they keep you away from things like floods, zombies, wild animals, and shitty neighbors. And they often come complete with rope ladders, spiral staircases, or firemen’s poles. Whether you’re five or 50, they’re pretty much the perfect home.

In celebration of summer weather, here are five insane treehouses you can book now and sleep in tomorrow. But don’t worry — unlike when you were five, this time, girls are very much allowed.

1. Chateaux dans les arbres Monbaz – Nojals-et-Clotte, Aquitaine, France 

From $271/Night

This palaismagnifique among the trees in Nojals-et-Clotte, Aquitaine, France, is a superb example of craftsmanship and architectural vision. Complete with a hot tub with panoramic views, a private bedroom that sleeps two, a full bathroom, walk-in shower and Wi-Fi and TV (if you’re an idiot), this treehouse is probably more luxurious than your real house. At the very least, it’s leaps and bounds more badass than your wildest childhood treehouse dream.

2. Rainforest Tree House with Hot Springs – Cooper, Alajuela, Costa Rica 

From $105/Night

Smack dab in the middle of one of the most stunning pieces of rainforest in Costa Rica, this treehouse is truly a work of art. Enjoy the panoramic views of the rainforest from the rustic hand-made furniture on the custom wrap-around porch. Take advantage of 24-hour access to incredible hot springs, located right on the property. With enough space to comfortably accommodate four people, this property is ideal for a couples’ getaway or a man who wants to leave all his options open.

3. Whidbey Island Wonder House – Whidbey Island, Washington 

From $130/Night

Just an hour north of Seattle, this 250-square-foot tree fortress makes the treehouse you dreamed of as a kid look like a doghouse. Its tough, outpost-looking exterior melts into a peaceful and cushy respite from modern city life. Ornate chairs and couches adorn the inside, along with a queen bed, a couch with a pullout double bed, a full bathroom, kitchenette, and electric fireplace.

More importantly, the octagon-shaped tree house comes with a huge 10-foot-by-12-foot covered deck, is riddled with unique windows and skylights, and offers incredible vistas of the Olympic Mountains, located just a half-mile from the property.

4. Redwood Treehouse – Watsonville, California 

From $125/Night

When you were a kid, did your treehouse plans include a hot tub? No? Well, maybe it’s time to reconsider. This guy, formed around a redwood tree in California’s majestic Santa Cruz Mountains, comes complete with a beautiful high-bed, a full kitchen and bathroom, and a glorious hot tub that runs at a constant 103 degrees. Right outside your doorstep are winding trails that lead into one of the most breathtaking regions of the Pacific Coast, which is itself a stretch of land considered to be one of the most marvelous on the planet.

5. Rocky Mountain Treehouse – Carbondale, Colorado 

From $140/Night

This one is absolutely unreal. Built in 1971, this tree house sits on two acres, is suspended directly above a small freshwater creek, utilizes four towering spruce trees as foundational support beams, and can probably accommodate as many people as your actual house.

The massive tree-cabin also comes with two balconies (and access to sweeping panoramic views of some of Colorado’s most picturesque landscape), a full bathroom, full kitchen, a wood burning stove, a full bedroom in a sleeping loft with four beds, and a campfire area for fun and leisure.

It’s also minutes from a main county road, which means you’re far enough in the wilderness to turn off your phone, but not deep enough to grow a beard and learn how to fell trees. It’s the perfect compromise.

Photos by Airbnb