5 Reasons Daily Fantasy Has Taken Over

And we’re not mad about it. 

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Nobody is saying you need to shut down the ten team fantasy league you have had with your buddies the past decade. We respect the tradition but if you have not noticed Daily Fantasy is EVERYWHERE and it is desperately trying to get you paid. Yes, when DraftKings rolls out their $10M Millionaire Maker, the money is intriguing but it takes more than that to have the staying power of Daily Fantasy. So, what is it then? Why is Daily Fantasy taking over? Here are five reasons..

1.  Increased Strategy

Football fans are more informed and smarter than ever (except for Jets fans). The challenge of building new rosters each week, while keeping them under the salary cap is enticing. There are so many ways to build a successful daily strategy and opportunities for nearly any relevant NFL player to swing a match-up in your favor that it is impossible to ignore.

2. Every Game Counts

On any given Sunday, you are going to watch your favorite team and maybe a handful of other games that feature players from your standard, season long fantasy team. With Daily Fantasy, every single game can count for you. When you can join leagues for as little as 25 cents, why wouldn’t you spread a few different teams around so there is a rooting interest in every game throughout the day and night? This is just another excuse to watch more football!

3. No More Of “Those” Injuries

Were you or somebody you know the person who found out Jordy Nelson was out for the season 12 hours after using your first round pick on him? Were you constantly checking inactive reports last season to find out if Calvin Johnson was playing or if you would need to find an emergency substitute five minutes before kickoff? Injuries are the worst but with daily fantasy you can limit the stress of having one or two player’s bad breaks destroy your entire season.

4. More Competition

Why just compete against the ten people in your league? There are millions of people waiting to compete against you every single week with daily fantasy. You can take them on in head to head match-ups, custom leagues or pools with literally thousands of challengers involved. The competitive juices are flowing nonstop when you are building multiple teams with new players every single week.

5. It Is Easy

You do not need to be an expert on the game to step on the field for Daily Fantasy. It is accessible for all levels of sports fans and a great way to get somebody who is exhausted of watching you, watch football involved in the action. There are so many different leagues and players available that it is impossible not to find something for everybody.


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— Joseph Caporoso is Editor-in-Chief of TurnOnTheJets.com