5 Reasons To Get Down With JetBlue’s GoPacks

We’re setting our sites on the Northeast, and for good reason.

JetBlue has put a spring in our, uh, Spring with the return of their GoPacks. In case you missed the inaugural 2012 addition, the azure-colored airline is offering tickets to select cities in bulk, at prices way lower than they would be if you were going for a single roundtrip vacation. 

Most are ideal for impromptu travelers – flights can be booked as late as 90 minutes before a scheduled departure if seating is available – and offer six to 10 one-way trips to various coastal destinations. While some options look more appealing than others – like, say, six NYC to Florida tickets – we’re focused on options closer to home because, well, we’re super lazy: a 10-pack of flights out of the Big Apple to various Northeast cities for $1,269. Below, five reasons why you shouldn’t look down at going upstate. (See what we did there? Yeah… neither do we.)

Buffalo: Wings And A Prayer

Photo: Flickr.com

A seven-hour drive outside olde Manhattan Town lies a city mostly known for its congested population and consistent mounds of snow. Then again, they did invent the buffalo wing (for which we are eternally grateful). Despite its questionable reputation the area has several saving graces, including the Rick James memorial, where you can confirm (or deny) that “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug” is indeed inscribed on the Braided One’s tombstone. But if paying your respects to the “Super Freak” sounds a little weak, then perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright is more up your organically designed alley. The famous architect’s local offerings include the Martin House Complex and Forest Lawn’s Blue Sky Mausoleum. Fun FLW fact: He and Bea Arthur share the same haircut! (RIP to the both of them.)

Rochester: Where It’s Frat

Photo: Getty Images

This former farming community now raises more co-eds than cows. Indeed there are no less than five colleges within the city’s hard-partying limits. Being that we’re fans of all things fermented, we suggest you visit one of the area’s various breweries. Genessee Brewing Company is a favorite among locals thanks to its free hour-long tours, all-day tastings, interactive exhibits, and pub-style restaurant. (Did we mention that it’s free?) After you’ve slurped enough suds, take a drunken trip on over to the city’s abandoned subway system. Actually…maybe don’t do that while intoxicated.

Syracuse: Have (And Watch) A Ball

Photo: Flickr.com

We’ll state the obvious first: Syracuse basketball. Come for the always entertaining, Division 1 theatrics but STAY for a little Paleolithic thing known as Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The acclaimed BBQ chain originated in the land of Orange men and Erie Canals. And don’t bother licking those greasy fingers of your’s, afterwards…we’ll do it for you. (We skipped lunch, and are starving.) 

Portland: (The One WITHOUT Fred Armisen)

Photo: Getty Images

Take in Maine’s largest city, all at once, via a hot air balloon ride. But if you’re as afraid of heights as the residents are of not wearing flannel, spend your day arguing about the existence of Bigfoot at the city’s International Cryptozoology Museum, and tell them Rick Dyer sent ya! (It’d make you no more of a liar than he is.)

Burlington: It’s More Than Just a Coat Factory

Photo: Flickr.com

The largest city in Vermont’s gorgeous landscape is reason enough to justify a last-minute venture. Forty-five miles south of the Canadian border, the quaint burg is contoured by Lake Champlain, the area’s main attraction. Whether you decide to scuba dive, hike the grounds, or lounge around on the shore and do absolutely nothing, you’ll be guaranteed a constant state of relaxation. Sigh. And give the aforementioned Cyptozoology Museum a call if you spot, Champ. And then call Rick Dyer. You know, just for kicks. 

Photos by Getty Images