5 Reasons People Aren’t Wearing Condoms

It’s increasingly clear that people have no love for the glove.

Condoms appear to be everywhere—in vending machines, public restrooms, the tip jar at your local coffee shop (thank you, NYC), but this small piece of latex in the candy-colored wrapper is actually on the brink of extinction in the bedroom. In fact, a study performed by the Journal of Sex Research resulted in more than 80% of men admitting to having at least one tactic to avoid using condoms during sex.

The birds and the bees haven’t changed—sexual intercourse sans protection (of the rubber persuasion) still can/will lead to either STDs or pregnancy—so why have the latest sexual trends skewed towards raw-dogging it? While there’s no entirely scientific explanation, we have our ideas: 

1) Dating Apps

With an infinite array of dating apps (and hook-up apps) floating on our smartphones, sex is literally at our fingertips. Assuming you’re being hit up on the regular, this doesn’t leave much time to prepare for what could happen later in the night (or up in the air). 

​2) The F*ck Buddy

Millennials, man. Though millennials (people born between 1982-1999) are the most sexually tolerant generation,  it appears they are having less sex than their free-loving mothers and fathers before them. However, it’s important to note that “less sex” actually only refers to number of partners they keep. With commitment at an all-time low, it turns out Gen Y has fewer sexual partners but more casual sex largely due to the f*ck buddy. In a comfortable and trusting situation such as friends with benefits, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and get to work. 

3) Risk vs. Reward

Much to the chagrin of health teachers all over the globe, a study found that, when you compare typical condom use to the typical use of the pull-and-pray method, the withdraw method is is only slightly more likely than condoms to result in pregnancy. While you still run the risk of contracting an STD, if you’re in a loving relationship or simply know your partner has a clean bill of health, the reward seems to outweigh the risk (key word, seems).

4) Good Vibrations

We get it, nothing brings steamy foreplay to a halt like whipping out a condom. It kills the vibe and takes you out of the moment. Want to know what else will kill the vibe and take you out of the moment? A crying baby in the middle of the night. So, seriously, don’t be a fool and wrap your tool. If you don’t feel like going through the awkwardness of buying condoms in your local convenient store, you can buy rubbers online (in bulk, too!) here, and even order them via a 24-hour delivery service. Yes, y’all. Dreams do come true.

5) Condoms Suck

There’s not much else to say. Condoms suck. We know. They desensitize and dry up and are generally always uncomfortable. But do you want to know what else is uncomfortable? Herpes. See step 4 and grow up, Peter Pan. #noglovenolove