The 5 Rules of Office Sex

Step 1: Find a conference room with a lock.

You spend at least eight hours of your day captive in an office, it’s only natural that from time to time you’d look around and enjoy the scenery. But what happens when looking leads to lusting, and lusting leads to sex? According to a Business Insider survey of 2,500 participants, over half have had sex with a co-worker. What transpires after the deed is done, however, is entirely up to you. So if you’re trying to get a little workplace action, we have some info the employee handbook won’t tell you.

Know the law

In many instances, if you’re the superior of the co-worker you’re bedding, it can be considered sexual harassment even if it’s consensual. Do your due diligence, file any necessary paperwork with HR declaring your amorous intentions, and get busy.

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Stick to just one fling

Somewhat surprisingly, the same survey indicated 55% of those who engaged in office shenanigans did so with multiple partners over time. Keeping things discrete, i.e. not flaunting a parade of coworker conquests, is the best way to avoid complaints from other colleagues. Who are undoubtedly not enjoying office perks as much as you.

Discover your office’s private places

If you absolutely can’t wait to mix business with pleasure, know where it’s safe to get it on. Look for conference rooms without windows, doors that lock, and even single-stall bathrooms. Better safe than indecently exposed.

Prepare for the worst

Odds are, the relationship, or even the casual sex, won’t last forever. Set some ground rules beforehand to avoid being complete assholes to each other when the flames go out. You’ll need to see your former fling every day, perhaps even working closely on projects. Setting civil expectations is crucial to your overall sanity.

Stop dreaming and go for it

Nearly 85% of people reported that they fantasize about having sex with a co-worker, and 90% are glad they went for it.

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