The 5 High-Flying Rules of Private ‘Jetiquette’

Essential tips for proper private jet behavior.


Victor, one of the fastest growing on-demand jet charter companies in the world, wants to help you play it cool when your day to fly private finally arrives. Herewith, they’ve outlined the five rules for high-flying “jetiquette”,  from fashion tips and party fouls to proper in-flight behavior:

1. It’s all in the details – To ensure your trip is exactly what you expect, make sure the details are all laid out in advance. How many flight attendants will be on your private plane? Will food and booze be served, and what kind? Are there onboard amenities i.e. Wi-Fi, a big screen TV, etc.? These elements are crucial to business and pleasure travel. 


2. Luggage – One of the perks of flying private is that your luggage can travel on the aircraft with you, so no need to wait for it to be checked in. Your bags will be carried into the cabin or the hold, depending on their size and the pilot’s recommendation. Make sure you know which aircraft you’re getting as they all have varying luggage capacities. For example, while a Cessna Citation Mustang is ideal for flying to business meetings, it is not big enough to hold shopping bags from a trip to New York, or skiing equipment from a weekend in Courchevel.


3. Know the Lingo and the Law – People don’t talk about “taking a jet,” instead they talk about “arranging to fly.” Offering someone a lift is ‘in’, but you are not telling them it’s your jet. Also, never ask your guests to contribute to the cost of the jet, and a guest should never offer to pay. Also know that guests can’t exchange any goods or money when on board a private jet as it can cause a potential legal issue – the person chartering the jet is liable for anyone on board.


4. Tipping – Just as in any service industry, it is always appreciated when passengers tip the crew. Whether you’re the lead passenger or a guest on the flight, tipping is appreciated, but not obligatory. Gratuity largely relates to the size of the flight, not how cute the flight attendent is.


5. BFF’s and Man’s Best Friend – Victor doesn’t charge any hidden fees, even for extra passengers, so bring as many as the plane holds. Victor also welcomes pets on any flight, so there’s no need to worry about putting your precious pet in the cold, dark hold of a commercial aircraft. Victor offers your dog the option to experience travel in, gulp, “furs class” where they can sit in your lap, or move about the main cabin freely. Just make sure Fido doesn’t pee on the carpet—that’ll cost you extra.