5 Ways To Celebrate the Death of the Euro

With the Continental currency in free-fall, it’s time to book that ski trip to Chamonix.

With austerity doing little to solve Europe’s economic problems and voters across the continent becoming increasingly dissatisfied with leadership, the Euro plunged to an 11-year-low over the weekend. The former Heavyweight Currency of the World is now worth only $1.13 on the dollar, which means that Americans – some of whom are actually employed – have a great chance to score European deals. Here are the five best ways to celebrate the mediocrity of the Euro before it makes a return to form.

Book a trip to the French Alps: While the Swiss were never tempted to switch currencies, the French are always down to buddy up with the Germans. By skiing in the French Alps – we strongly recommend Three Valleys or Chamonix – you get the chance to hit the powder and the sauna equally hard with the Swedish partiers that flood the place this time of year. And the French Alps are also a great place to go Skijoring, a sport in which a cross-country skier is pulled by a dog – preferably a St. Bernard.

Get tickets to the Primavera Sound music festival: With performances by Run The Jewels, Sleater-Kinney, James Blake, and basically every great band on the planet, tickets are never going to be cheaper. Why not spend a beautiful week in Barcelona, listening to your favorite American bands and luxuriating in your spending power?

Buy some quality Italian footwear: Want the finest Italy has to offer in terms of footwear, but lacking the capital to pull it off? Now is the time! Peruse the Diemme catalog and snag the choicest boots at the lowest price. Looking good never felt so good. Buongiorno!

Take A Motorcycle Ride Through The Black Forest: After picking up a sweet Ducati Scrambler in Italy because of your outstanding spending power, take it on a beautiful trip through the Black Forest of Germany, where you’ll be able to enjoy picturesque villages and stop in at the finest of German beer gardens, guzzling down discounted beer until you don’t know a Ducati from a Bugatti. Actually, now that we’re thinking on it….

Buy A Bugatti: After getting thoroughly sloshed in the Black Forest, buy a beautiful Bugatti Veyron, which will clock in at just a hair over a million dollars, thanks to the Euro completely flat-lining. Honestly, you won’t get it at a better price, and there’s no more stylish way to join the millionaires club.

Photos by Axiom / Getty Images