5 Ways To Have Sex In Water

Escape the summer heat by taking your bedroom behavior underwater.

It’s officially summertime, which means it’s hot as hell, the air is sticky, and women wear very little clothing. Naturally, you want to cool off as soon as physically possible… ideally naked and ideally in the arms of a beautiful woman. While sex can be downright disgusting in the summer months, there are plenty of natural solutions right outside your own front door (or inside, you’ll see). Your summer challenge, shall you choose to accept it: take your bedroom behavior under water. Here’s how:

The pool– When cooling off in a pool, you’re practically naked already, so why not slip off your bathing suits and get it on, right? The water increases the slickness of your hands and fingers on each other’s bodies, and, let’s be honest, everyone looks a bit sexier while wet. Without a lifeguard on duty (assuming you’re rocking a nighttime skinny-dipping situation), it’s best to play it safe and stick to the shallow end or the stairs. Either area offers stability and something to lean on, push up against, bend over, etc.

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In open waters – Truth be told, salt water isn’t exactly a vagina’s best friend. It’s actually a terrible lubricator and tends to sting. Our suggestion? Get the foreplay going underwater, then take your sex to the sand. With hands out of sight, you’re able to grope, titillate and fondle your partner in secret. Just when she can’t take it anymore, jump out of the water and onto a towel (just make sure you don’t get caught). 

A Hot Tub Though not exactly the best way to cool off, a hot tub is perfect for some sexy late night behavior. While the seats offer a platform for multiple positions, don’t forget to use the jets for extra stimulation (use your imagination here, folks). If you’re feeling a little overheated, perch on the edge with your lady on your lap or bend over the sides. She’ll appreciate the fresh air and you’ll appreciate the view.

The Shower – If you’re a city dweller like the majority of us at Maxim, a large body of water is usually hard to come by. In this situation, take your bedroom game to the bathroom and enjoy a cold shower with your partner. Besides, getting clean is so much more fun when you’re getting dirty.

Heads up: Because we want you to make the best of your underwater romp, we’re here to remind you that sex underwater could also lead to infection and irritation, especially in water often teeming with bacteria, like lakes and hot tubs. Additionally, both salt water and chlorine make for shitty lubrication, so be sure to have a back up in mind. With that said, proceed at your own risk and happy humping!