5 Ways to Undress a Woman

You know you’re going to get there. But have a strategy anyway.

Women start measuring a man’s performance well before his pants come off. Sex starts as soon as the first zipper makes a southern slide and what follows – the process by which two people become two naked people – colors the entire experience that follows. Fortunately, it’s mostly intuitive. but there are actually five tested methods for doing it right.

Method 1: Tell Her to Undress for You

Sometimes, women love when their man takes control in the bedroom. And they love when their man focuses on them and only them. By telling her to undress for you, not only are you putting her on display, which makes her feel sexy, but you exude confidence and power – forever a turn on. Tell her what to take off, piece by piece, until the both of you are nicely primed for action. 

When to Use It: The politely-phrased demand is good for all seasons. In our experience, it works particular well in hotels, where sex is always a bit more of an adventure.

Method 2: Take Your Own Sweet Time

Slow and steady wins the race. While undressing a woman slowly, you’re able to tease and take note. Keep in mind how much a woman puts into her looks – she wants you to see her and appreciate her. Take the time to kiss, feel, explore and figure out her sensitive zones while you’re stripping off her clothing. If you’ve really brought your A game with you, throw some teeth in the mix. Nibble on a bra strap and pull it off with your mouth if you are so bold. She’ll appreciate both your creativity and dedication to the hustle.

When to Use It: This is your every day go-to. You’ll never run the risk of looking desperate and she’ll either be impressed by your skills or pondering why you might be hesitant.

Method 3: Pretend to Beg For It

This one is complicated so listen close: Tell the woman that you want it and that you’ll do anything to get it, say she’s a goddess and be completely shameless. The key is to appear abject and helpless without actually being abject or helpless. You’re taking control of the situation by making it about what you want. Is she in control? Not after she lets you get that first button undone.

When to Use It: This is not a smart way to undress a woman for the first time. Consider this the go-to for repeat flings.

Method 4:  Rip Off the Wrapping Paper

Skip the foreplay. Sometimes, you have to have it no matter where you are or what you’re wearing. In this situation, do whatever you gotta do, just remember that you might have to replace her clothes.

When to Use It: Don’t force it. If you feel it, just let ‘er rip.

Method 5: Make It a Joke

Sex and alcohol are a classic cocktail, which can be troublesome when your date is wearing anything more complicated than a training bra (meaning those bras you trained on in college). If you think that you might struggle with all the clasps, do yourself a favor and make the whole thing a game. If you laugh your way through it, she won’t worry that you’re a little too drunk or a little too goal oriented.

When to Use It: After the after party.