This Stunning 500-Video Supercut Relives the Greatest Adventures of 2015

It’s jetpacks and parkour galore

You’ve probably never heard of Luc Bergeron, but you’ve definitely seen his videos. Under the name Zapatou, Bergeron remixes YouTube’s most stunning videos into an incredible visual experience every year in his aptly-named “Best of Web” series. 

This year’s installment, his longest to date at 21 minutes culled from 506 videos, is no exception. With a whimiscal, whirling mash-up of everything from parkour to jetpacks to wingsuits (lots of wingsuits), Bergeron’s ‘Best of Web 8‘ is the best distillation of humanity’s adventurous nature you’ll ever see — until next year’s installment, that is.

h/t Laughing Squid

Photos by YouTube