6 Reasons She Loves Going Down on You

Today’s your lucky day, gentlemen.

In any job you’ve ever had, there’s always a clearly defined goal in mind, something to strive for and work towards. Women in particular, being goal-oriented creatures, like to plan, organize, schedule and get shit done. This mentality translates not only to our careers and after-school activities, but also to the bedroom. Specifically, to the blow job. 

Whether you love it or hate it, you certainly have an opinion about giving and (most definitely) receiving oral sex. You’re in luck; today is all about you. Yes, you, lucky dude out there. Please, sit back, relax, and let us explain why she actually enjoys going downtown. 

1. We like to be in control: There are few things hotter than being able to take control in the bedroom. With you at your most vulnerable, your satisfaction (literally and figuratively) in the palm of our hands, we are in the driver’s seat, and that alone is enough to make us feel sexy and dominant. With great power comes great responsibility, and we’re here for it. Lest we forget, ladies is pimps, too

2. You’re turning me on:  While it may sound narcissistic, watching and feeling you get turned on in the heat of the moment will naturally turn us on as well. Once we know you’re picking up what we’re putting down, not only are we going to feel good about ourselves, but we’re going to want more. Simply put, it’s hot. 

3. We like foreplay: What a better way to get the party started than by ensuring you’re at your happiest and hardest? A solid erection is essential for great sex, which means I’m going to try my damnedest to get you where you need to be so that I can get to where I want to be. (See point 2.)

4. We like reciprocity: As the saying goes, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” Funny thing about my back is that it’s located on my vagina. After taking time to please you, do the right thing and return the favor. That’s just good manners. 

5. It gets the job done: If we’re being honest, sometimes we’re just too damn tired to have sex. In lieu of going to the boneyard, sometimes we’d like to cut the sexy time in half (being generous here) and get straight to the point: making you finish. You go to bed satisfied, I get my eight hours. What’s not to love?

6. You’re you: And you’re awesome, right? Why wouldn’t your lady want to go down on you, make you a sandwich, fulfill your hopes and dreams and everything in between? So, pat yourself on the back and high-five the guys. You earned this one, you beautiful bastard, you.