6 Sexual New Year’s Resolutions

Public success isn’t enough. Private diligence is demanded.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to 2015. Welcome to the period of your life in which you hit the gym more, eat less, and work harder. But what about your sex life? Is it everything it could be? If it is, write a book. If it isn’t, you need to think about what you can change. A little New Year’s tinkering might just do the trick. 

Everybody approaches resolutions differently (we sneak up on them from behind), but it pays to think in terms of adult resolutions. Good sex has a sort of cascading effect; it’ll make your life better. Here are the leaves we’d suggest you turn over in 2015. They might not all be your cup of tea, but they beat the hell out of cutting out gluten.

1. Make Porn a Group Activity

Everyone does it. Why not do it together? Watching whatever you watch alone together will eliminate any lingering feelings of weirdness you have about it and start a conversation about new possibilities. The key is to find something you both think is sexy. If girl on girl action isn’t turning on your significant other, something else will. It may not be what you expected, but you’ll learn something, which makes the whole dinner and dirty movie thing worthwhile. 

2. Take a Bit Longer

As we’ve mentioned before, single digit pumps do not a sexual encounter make. In 2015, vow to go the extra mile (or at least the extra couple of minutes) to satisfy both yourself and your partner. She’ll likely come back for seconds and you’ll get a decent workout. When it comes to sexual longevity, men are outgunned. The best we can do is keep up and, yes, that might require feeling a bit of a burn. No one has ever drowned in sweat.

3. Get Cast

Naughty teacher reprimanding a student? Skipper saving a shipwrecked beauty? Whatever floats your boat, give it a go in the new year. Rather than thinking about it as kink, think about it as an exercise is suspending disbelief and giving your partner the chance to be someone new. Being any one thing – even beautiful – gets dull after a while.

4. Go Public

Step out of the bedroom and resolve to get weird in public in 2015. The risk and rush of getting caught adds to the experience. A bar bathroom, the back of a movie theater, the great outdoors – pick a place, and go for it. She’ll appreciate your spontaneity and the sense that anything might happen at any time will lend a bit more flavor to that next cocktail party.

5. Wake Up a Bit Earlier

Research shows that morning sex is actually good for your health. Not only is it a healthy way to start your day, but it will make you more productive and stress-free. Satisfying your lady in bed leads to satisfying your boss in the boardroom. Weird? Sure, but a helpful little hack that makes changing your alarm worthwhile.

6. Make Some Noise

Getting loud isn’t just fun, it’s a great way of getting what you want. So speak up – just choose your words carefully. As a rule of thumb, you should be talking about her not yourself and her bits, not yours. Encourage her to talk as well. And listen.