This Mesmerizing Video Of 6,000 Matches Igniting in a Chain Reaction Is Oddly Relaxing


There are few things more satisfying than lighting a match. The feel of a good wooden match, the strike on the box, the ignition of the flame; the ability to make fire has never felt more nature, more powerful. Maybe it’s man’s primal nature, the desire to master his environment, that makes this experience so enjoyable. Maybe it’s just one of life’s simple pleasures. Either way, it’s awesome — especially when you torch a whole matchbook.

The video above takes this strange masculine catharsis to a brand new level with 6,0000 matches mounted and ignited in one dazzling chain reaction. The video is almost 15 minutes long, so crack a beer, pull up a chair, and lose yourself in this mesmerizing footage. It may not be a crackling fireplace, but it’s a damn fine way to end your day.