7 Reasons Why She Loves Being on Top

The view from above is better, but that’s not all.

The lovely lady above is not me, though many things about my life would probably be easier if it were. No, she is a gorgeous stock photo model destined to bask forever in perfect lighting while contemplating her super-human bone structure. But she, Beyoncé, and I do have one thing in common: we put our love on top, and here’s why.

1. We want a better workout. 

Chances are I probably skipped the gym this morning, so if I’m burning any calories at all, it’s in the bedroom. Also, I think I lost my running sneakers.

2. Because we know our angles.

Some things just look better from below.

3. We enjoy the relinquishing of control.

Completely immobilized by the weight of my deceptively-strong quads, you’re pretty much powerless. And that’s incredibly sexy.

4. The orgasms are better. Period.

You’ve gotta get on to get off.

5. So we can set the pace.

How fast, or more importantly how slow, are entirely up to the lady when she partakes in the oddly named Cowgirl position. (A man on top is a Missionary, a woman on top is a Cowgirl? Religion is funny.) 

6. So you don’t fuck up our hair.

I wash my hair….once a week, maybe. I don’t need a man rubbing my head vigorously against a pillow like he’s trying to light a campfire in my sheets.

7.  It’s easier for us to see the  TV .

Otherwise, what else is there to look at? That dent in the ceiling?

Photos by Getty Images