This 7-Year-Old Nunchuk Master Could Be the Next Bruce Lee, And You’ve Gotta See Him in Action

He could probably kick your ass.

Everyone’s heard of child prodigies in music, mathematics, and chess. This kid, 7-year-old Ryusei “Ryuji” Imaj from Japan, is apparently a prodigy at epic ass-kicking, and for this we can thank the late, great Bruce Lee

Mini Bruce Lee here reportedly began absorbing the martial arts movie legend’s films at age one, and he began with Enter the Dragon. Now, a mere five years later, he’s got a killer Youtube channel and over 33,000 fans on Instagram.

And why not? If there was ever a case for a kid deserving celebrity for demonstrating a gift, this is it.
Watching Ryuji do Bruce Lee’s astonishing nunchuk routine from Game of Death in perfect sync with Lee and never looking at the TV is a little like watching another kid sit down and nail a movement from a Mozart piano concerto. It’s so amazing you wonder if you really saw it. 

If this little dude’s skills and his badass game face weren’t humbling enough already, there’s also the fact that he’s probably more ripped than just about anyone you know.

I have been a huge Bruce Lee fan since 1yearold #brucelee #gameofdeath #ryusei #japanese #nuchaku #7yearold

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Now, the parental brain might see this and think, ‘wait, that’s not right,’ but if you check out Ryuji’s images and videos a couple of things are clear: his dad is super proud of him and seems more like a calm, focused coach than stage dad, and this kid absolutely loves what he’s doing. 

Ryuji is inevitably becoming a celebrity, and his appearance on a Spanish-language talk show in the video below reveals he’s also totally at home with stardom.

Given his age now, we’ll go ahead and guess that we need to start looking for Ryuji’s first major martial arts action flick sometime around 2027—if not sooner.

And we’re pretty sure Bruce Lee would approve. 

h/t LadBible