8 Possible Titles For Jenna Jameson’s First Novel

Because a steamy book needs a steamy name!

Because a steamy book needs a steamy name!

Bookwire is reporting (yes, we read press releases from small book publishers on the reg) that noted porn star Jenna Jameson is making her first foray into fiction writing! A sexy tale of a former porn star who falls in with a war hero-turned-investment CEO (because that’s a thing that happens), Jameson’s novel promises to be a sexy journey into Sex Town, filled with sexual awakenings and sexy sex! Here are a few possible titles:

– Atlas Plugged

– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Party

– 50 Shades of My Unbleached Butthole

– Infinite Chest


– A Game of Bones

– Spanking Dawn

– What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Gangbang 

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