Finally, Someone Is Selling 80 Proof Moonshine In Steel Cans

Stillhouse clear corn whiskey is sure to bring the pain to your next house party.


Moonshine is an indisputably awesome pillar of boozy Americana. Consider that smuggling corn whiskey across state lines inspired Southern bootleggers to soup up their cars and outrun pesky cops (kick-starting NASCAR in the process) and that the clear stuff continues to be sold today at adventurous watering holes, some of which even concoct powerful moonshine cocktails. 

But what about when you’re on the go and crave a jolt of White Lightning? Stillhouse Spirits Co. claims to have made the very first moonshine sold in handy stainless steel cans. The 80 proof hooch is distilled in copper whiskey stills, then charcoal filtered before being bottled in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“We did not want to be yet another spirit in a glass bottle,” Stillhouse founder and CEO Brad Beckerman explains. “We ended up with the very first 100 percent stainless steel can that is unbreakable, portable and chills quickly for convenience.”

Taste the rainbow.

Hey, sometimes you need some ice cold moonshine, like, yesterday. Whether you’re reaching for Stillhouse’s Original Recipe or the more disturbing-sounding Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip or Red Hot flavors, it’s probably just the thing to take a backwoods boozefest to the next level. 

Try them all, and see if you can remember anything in the morning.