How To Make The ‘World’s Best Sandwich’ With Action Bronson

F*ck, that’s delicious.

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In case you were unaware, Action Bronson loves to eat well. 

The roly-poly rapper and host of Vice series Fuck That’s Delicious also loves to toke up on the reg, so before he whips up his mouthwatering take on a classic Butcher’s sandwich, you’d better believe the former chef made sure he was feeling nice and high before constructing the “world’s best sandwich.” 

There’s no masterful technique or incredibly esoteric list of ingredients needed to create this beautiful beast. All Bronson uses is good Italian bread, a juicy rib-eye steak, olive oil, ricotta cheese, Calabrian chiles, and a smear of “grape must” from a 1989 bottle of Paolo Bea Winery’s best red wine to finish it off (good luck getting a hold of that last one). 

Fuck, that looks delicious. 

h/t Vice