This Airplane Hotel Actually Exists, and You Can Stay There

It sure as hell beats baggage fees and security lines.

Normally, the sight of an airplane impaling a treehouse would conjure up anything but peaceful vacation vibes. (Remember LOST, anyone?) Yet tranquil treetop serenity is exactly what you’ll get at the Costa Verde Hotel in Costa Rica, where they’ve refurbished a 1965 Boeing 727 into a luxury resort. Take a look inside the property, unless you have a deep-seated fear of flying. In which case, you should probably pack some Dramamine, or book your stay just about anywhere else.

Teak-paneled wood flooring covers the interior, which houses two bedrooms, each with its own private bath. Flat-screen TVs, a kitchenette, terrace, and dining area are all perfectly complemented by sweeping views of both ocean and jungle.

Your only neighbors are sloths and toucans, so there’s probably no need for curtains on the bathroom window.

But airborne adventures don’t come cheap: prices range from $360-$750 a night, depending on the season. Even so, for a chance to stay in a piece of reclaimed history, it’s worth flying south.

Photos by Costa Verde