Here’s Why Airplane Sex Is The Best Sex, According to Science

Turns out everything feels better at 30,000 feet.

airplane sex
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Listen, I hate long flights as much as the next person. There’s basically nothing to do to entertain yourself except pop a Xanax or something, take a nap, watch a movie…or join the mile-high club, just like these people did:

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Fun fact – those horny drunks literally just met on the flight, and the dude apparently has a pregnant girlfriend at home. Haha.

Anyway, speaking of hooking up on airplanes, did you know that airplane sex is basically some of the best sex you can ever hope to have? Really!

Apparently, the change in air pressure and lack of oxygen and whatnot really messes with your body, but in a good way, and makes every touch and smooch feel a heck of a lot better than usual. 

Wondering why? Me too. Let’s let science explain the reasons why sex feels a lot better at 30,000 feet.

First off, the risk factor of doing something so naughty in a densely-packed space and potentially getting caught causes a rush of endorphins and adrenaline, which heightens arousal, therefore making everything feel absolutely sensational.

What’s more is that having sex at 30,000 feet can also make your orgasms feel much, much better than they normally do, thanks to the dip in atmospheric pressure that comes from being so high up above the ground.

There’s also the fact that planes vibrate, and we all know that vibrating things feel very nice during sex. Right? Right.

Plus, airplanes have a slightly less oxygen than what we’re used to breathing down on the ground, which can create feelings of euphoria. You know, because your brain is being deprived of oxygen.

“One of the great things about sex in the air is that it can safely affect the balance of oxygen to your brain – which can heighten sensation and make for a strong orgasm,” explains sex expert Susan Quilliam.

“Flying can sometimes lower the amount of oxygen in your blood stream and your brain – when safely achieved, this can make you feel even more aroused.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a damn good time to me. 

If you’re not a member of the mile-high club already, maybe this will encourage you to join. 

H/T: The Sun