Floodwaters Leave a Scary, Finned Surprise For Alabama Woman

It’s not quite Sharknado, but still.

Property near the water is pretty desirable, though even those sweet breezes can bring some drawbacks: nasty weather, sometimes flooding, and the occasional lawn shark.  

Whitney Constantine of Theodore, Alabama discovered this when receding waters revealed a dead shark in her yard:

Admittedly, it was no great white, but still an alarming sight. Constantine told Alabama TV station WALA that the shark appeared after floods on October 26. She described the floods as the worst her family had encountered, with water up to the knees. 

UPI noted that this is the second land shark incident reported in 2015. In July, Virginia resident Sue Bowser told local media that her grandchildren found a small shark in her yard that had likely wriggled loose from the claws of an osprey. 

Look, flying sharks are fine for ridiculous blockbusters like Sharknado, but when it comes to these apex ocean predators showing up anywhere outside the ocean, we’re only comfortable with one kind of Land Shark:


Photos by Albert Kok / Wikimedia