Look at These Crazy Alligators Brawl on a Florida Golf Course

Just another day in Florida. 

Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida is obviously a place to golf. But more uniquely, it’s a place to watch alligators fight.

Just this week, the course’s resident reptilian beast, aptly nicknamed Goliath, put on a show for golfers by whopping the ass of another gator on the fourth green. The fight was captured by golfer turned photographer Lynn Sarles and shared on the course’s Facebook page. 

Posted by Myakka Pines Golf Club on Monday, November 30, 2015

Goliath kept control of his territory…strolls back to his pond, apparently uninjured!Photo by Lynn Sarles

Posted by Myakka Pines Golf Club on Monday, November 30, 2015

If you’re worried about the gator’s well-being, don’t be. “I think this is mostly for show and protecting territory. Neither gator appeared to be injured,” someone from the course wrote on Facebook. Witnesses say Goliath won the fight (as anyone nicknamed Goliath should) and his adversary was able to limp away. For that, the other gator is fortunate. This turtle, photographed inside the mouth of Goliath earlier this year, probably wishes it were as lucky. 

Posted by Myakka Pines Golf Club on Thursday, March 26, 2015