This Is Anthony Bourdain’s Method For Cooking Absolutely Perfect Scrambled Eggs

In this video Bourdain shows how to make the ultimate breakfast.

Anthony Bourdain is famous for being a globe-trotting chef and kick-ass writer. He’s also a jiu-jitsu champion, so he can literally kick ass if he has to as well. In addition to all these things, he’s a damn breakfast ninja. 

Scrambled eggs, they’re the most dirt-simple kind of cooking, right? Hot pan, some butter or oil, throw beaten eggs in with some salt, pepper, water, and cream, toss ’em around, they get yellow and firm and you’re good to go. 

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In the Tech Insider video above, Chef Bourdain says simple, yes, but there are some tricks to it. 

In case you don’t want to keep pausing the video, here’s how he breaks it down:

Heat the pan, yes, but not too hot. Easy enough!

Avoid egg shell in your mix with this one weird trick. Bourdain says crack fresh eggs on a flat surface to avoid crunchy surprises later.

Broken egg
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Do not beat the hell out of the eggs. Whisk gently with a fork. Bourdain says you want to “have a ripple of white and yellow throughout.” The uncooked eggs shouldn’t be a totally uniform yellow.

Beaten eggs
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Once you’re done mixing, get them right in the pan. Bourdain advises they don’t just sit around while you do other stuff. 

Here’s a twist: Anthony Bourdain says add only salt and pepper. “I don’t add water, I don’t add cream,” he says in the video. He explains he thinks they just don’t add anything.

Salt and pepper
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Use plenty of “hot, foaming whole butter” in the pan. That ensures they don’t stick and also is more wholesome than oil.

There is a method to stirring cooking eggs. Bourdain says to let the eggs firm some then “push them around” in “a figure 8 pattern.” According to him, no one wants little rubbery balls of egg, but “something fluffy, airy, rippled” with a pleasant texture. 

Eggs in pan
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As Bourdain says at the end, yes, it doesn’t get any more simple than scrambled eggs. His philosophy—which sounds like the thinking of a zen master of martial arts—is we need to let them be simple.

Up your brunch game with these tips right now, you won’t regret it.

h/t Tech Insider