Impromptu Ninja Act Frightens NYC Apple Store

The agitated man just wanted some finely-crafted electronics.

Man armed with a sword arrested at

— Boris (@borisrio) November 20, 2015

The gauzy utopian peace of the Midtown East Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City was shattered Friday by an agitated man wielding a sword. Standing on the spiral staircase, the would-be ninja in a bucket hat drew a samurai sword and advanced until he was on the main floor, scattering customers to the walls. DNAInfo’s report on the incident indicated the action didn’t stop there:

According to a witness who stood outside the store, the sword-wielding man came outside where he threatened to cut his own neck with the weapon.

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“He put the sword to the back of his neck and just held it there,” said the 30-year old witness, who declined to give his name. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

Shortly afterwards the man was taken down by Apple Store security, reported DNAInfo. Appropriately enough, the man was taken to Bellevue for evaluation.

An unnamed store employee told DNAInfo that the man said “I just want an iPhone!” while swinging his sword on the staircase. 

We hope the Apple Store ninja gets some much-needed medical help—not jail time—and that in the future he considers ordering his iPhone online.