Are Spray-On Condoms the Future?

“No glove, no love” might someday be replaced with , “No spray, no lay.”

The future of condom development has long been a subject of inquiry, but as the limited options in your local drug store suggest, it’s been a lot of talk, and very little action. Whether due in part to FDA regulations or limitations of technology, we’ve been trapped in our latex confines for far too long. But perhaps the prophylactic dark ages are coming to an end.

As reported on, an intrepid young student at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, New York has developed a concept that would radically change the way you get it on. And it involves an aerosol can. Michele Chu’s spray-on condom would ensure a more personalized fit for the individual while also “extending a conventional condom’s life span.”

It’s crucial to note that this idea is simply that: an idea. Chu submitted it as  student project to “Packaging of the World,” but that shouldn’t illegitimize the entrepreneurial spirit behind it. People laughed at Benjamin Franklin and his kite, after all.

With a little more time and research, we’re hoping this could become a reality. Because getting to graffiti someone’s dick with a spray can honestly sounds pretty fucking fun.

Photos from Packaging of the World