Are You Having Enough Sex?

A new study reveals whether millennials are having sex as much as they should be.


(Photo: Getty)

There’s been a lot of hubbub around the topic of people not having enough sex, millennials turning the other cheek to the idea of knocking boots, and virtual reality and AI leading to a steep decline in sex. All of this mumbo jumbo forces the world to ask us the fateful question: are we having enough sex?

Because sex is vital for a happy and healthy existence, God forbid we don’t reach the minimum requirement of annual sexual interactions. That would be catastrophic. 

But then again, the same study that said millennials weren’t having sex sort of debunked itself, because it also stated that 85 percent of participants had sex in the past year. So…people in their twenties and thirties are having sex, just perhaps as not as much as they want.  

That said, what is the right amount of sex we should be having? Wait—is there even such thing as having enough sex?

Well, in case you had any doubt in your mind, there is no scientific bare minimum amount of sex you should be having to live a normal existence. Your penis won’t fall off if you don’t boink weekly, and your girlfriend won’t dump you if you just Netflix without the ‘chill’ part every night and just have sex twice a month, or something.

If you’re totally fine hibernating all winter and then emerging from your cave and sleeping with everyone, that’s great. Or if you like to keep it regular and have sex every single day, that’s great too. Whatever floats your boat.


Zeynep Yenisey