Bachelor Party Etiquette 101

When a party involves the specter of celibacy, a barrel of booze and gambling, your intuition isn’t going to cut it. 

All About the Groom. He’s about to get married – at best paralyzing terror, at worst existential misery. Help him forget all that, just for this one night. Best Man, this should be his dream party (not necessarily yours). Find out what he likes/wants most, and use how well you know him. Plan accordingly, and get the Groomsmen on board. Your job: Make Groom Happy.

Bride. Record scratch!!! Okay, nobody wants a bride for an enemy. Another part of the Best Man’s job is to get Bride and Groom to talk about what kind of bachelor party this will be, what is and isn’t okay. Groomsmen: no matter how your Uncle Jimbo always did it, fall in line, or else welcome to WWShe.

Costs. Unless this is Silicon Valley, the party shouldn’t cost a fortune. If there’s a charity case (i.e., laid-off high school best friend), the gainfully-employed should chip in, no griping. Anal Best Men do a budget, since they’ll be laying out a lot up front. But in the end, everything should be split equally, except for gambling, girls, and plane tickets to and fro.  From the first day of planning to the last day of receipt-totaling, the Groom Does Not Open His Wallet.

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