The Bachelor Party Go Bag: Survival Essentials

You’re going to need more than a breathe-mint and a flask, friend. 

The best of best men plan ahead and pack accordingly – for the whole team.  Most sentient groomsmen will remember their deodorant and ibuprofen, so here’s the super-important stuff they probably forgot, or never heard of, or didn’t know they’d need until it’s too late. A banging bachelor party begins with a banging go bag.

Slap it On: Everything that booze sucks out of your body, The Hangover Patch spews back in, through your skin! B12 especially. Stick it someplace hairless before the party starts and you’ll thank it in the morning.

Shoot it: A little liquid courage, between rounds, behind-the-scenes, in the limo, after last call. Top-shelf plus clear (as in vodka) equals less headache.

Chug it: One-for-one, water for booze, all night. When you can’t carry it, order it: “water backs, all around.”

…for the full list of bachelor necessities, head over to!