Finally, Underwear That Makes Her Vagina Smell Like Bacon

The gift that keeps on going down.

Today I gave myself a task: find out what men really think about the smell of vagina. Though I couldn’t dig up any official research on the subject, by pressing friends for details and pouring through threads on Reddit, it seems the general consensus is this: you might not buy a vagina-scented candle, but when someone’s lady parts are mere inches from your face, you enjoy the general experience enough that the smell is inconsequential at worst, and downright pleasant at best.

So why try and make a good thing even better? Because modern science is never satisfied with the status quo, especially when pork-themed products are involved. Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes and your genitals on bacon-scented underwear. That’s right, using a technology that weaves the aroma of everyone’s favorite cured meat into the ink, you too can have those smoky flavors wafting from your crotch for up to 6 months to a year.

Available in both men and women’s styles for $20 a pop, it’s safe to say this will definitely make going down a much more delicious endeavor for all parties involved.

America, land of the free, home of the bacon.