One American College Just Came Down Hard Against the Man-Bun

The university will discipline students who commit this hair-based crime.

In a blow against the persistent scourge of the man-bun, the Idaho outpost of Brigham Young University has dropped the hammer on male students who would dare do such a thing to their heads. 

As the Deseret News reported, man-buns and other hairstyles that distract, enrage or invite those who see them to set fire to everything are against BYU-I’s “Dress Standards” for on-campus attire. A man’s hairstyle, reads the code, “should be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles or colors, and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered.” The code also prohibits beards or mustaches that “extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth.” As it should.

As reported by BYU-I’s Scroll, the university’s Student Honor Administrator Tyler Barton said that the school “would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle… It’s just something that deviates from the norm.” Harsh stuff, but in the case of this sartorial abomination, we’ll make an exception.

It was unclear as to what kind of discipline any rebel supporter of horrible hairstyles might expect from the university. We suggest pointing and laughing, and perhaps smashing the man-bun wearer’s ukulele before publicly cutting the bun and burning it. These are just suggestions. 

Photos by Frank van Delft/Cultura