Get Into Beast Mode With This Simple 20-Minute Special Forces Workout

You need a little room and a lot of motivation.

Special Forces soldiers
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One of the most hated single body weight moves in a lot of workouts is the burpee. It’s so dirt-simple it doesn’t sound like much if you describe it—drop into push-up position, legs thrust out, jump into a deep squat position, then spring into a jump. 

But burpees are brutal and can leave you wrung out for a day, and that’s why it’s a staple of any workout that seeks to help anyone level up to full-blown warrior status.

Badass special forces operators know that, as do prisoners who want to get hardcore with only a little bit of room to stretch out in a cell. 

Use it right and you develop strength, endurance and ballistic power. MMA fighters also rely on this killer move’s all-in-one properties, as demonstrated in the video above by former UFC light heavyweight turned fitness guru Bobby Maximus.

Writing in Men’s Health, Maximus says the burpee workout demonstrated in the video should be done with very strict form and also with speed. His description:

Stand in one corner of a room. Do 20 burpees. Now run to another corner of the room and do 19 burpees. Run to another corner and do 18. Repeat the pattern until you reach 1 burpee. Rest only as needed.  

According to Maximus, anyone who can finish this monster in 15 minutes is the hardest man around. 

If it’s too brutal to start with 20 and keep dropping it by 1 burpee, just start with 10 and then work up each day. You’ll be ready for special ops—or maximum security, depending on where you’re coming from—in no time.

h/t Men’s Health