The Beautiful Outlaw: Faye Dunaway

“Fear is a pair of handcuffs on your soul.”

Born as, in her own words, “a dirt-poor farmer’s daughter,” Faye Dunaway grew up to become one of Hollywood’s best actresses, with blond hair and a vigorous streak that led to huge success in her first starring role as Bonnie, in Bonnie and Clyde. That soulful portrayal led to roles in iconic mid-century movies like The Thomas Crowne Affair and Chinatown, in which Dunaway brought an unprecedented grace and nuance to a somewhat archetypical femme fatale role. After winning an Oscar for her work in Network, Dunaway was photographed with it poolside, in what became a definitive show-biz portrait of success, beauty and nonchalance. On film moving and still, on stage, and as a California doyen, Faye Dunaway is one America’s grandest legends.

Photos by Photo by Terry O’Neill/Getty Images