A Beautiful Woman Talks About Sex: Sindy Perez

The Miami-based model likes a natural approach. And remember to brush your teeth.

Model, photographer and make-up artist Sindy Perez is fluent in body language.

How should a guy approach you?

I like the more natural approach. I think that pickup lines tend to be very cheesy. So just come up to me, be natural, and if there’s interest on my part, we’ll initiate a conversation. The more authentic a man is, the more I feel like I’m drawn to him. If I’m not interested, trust me, he would know right away.

And how will he know you’re into him?

I feel like he would know just by my behavior. I’ll be engaged in the conversation, I’ll be asking questions. Definitely a lot of smiling, some flirtation going on. It’s all about body language.

What do find most attractive in a man?

I’m definitely attracted to the tall, dark and handsome type. And a great smile. I think it’s so cute when a man shows off his pearly whites. Also, effort turns me on. It shows that he cares and it shows ambition. And that’s one of the sexiest things ever to me: someone who knows what they want and goes after it.

What’s your perfect date?

A perfect date for me would be a blanket on a beach with some wine or champagne, a full moon, fire dancers; you know, something with a very bohemian, sensual style like full moon parties and drum circles. I think those are very cool. And I’m a Taurus so for me food is always a great idea. Feed me and I’m happy.

When do you feel the most sexy?

I usually feel the sexiest when I’m dressed up and glammed out. Hair done, makeup done, beautiful dress. But I also feel super sexy when my man is showing me that he’s really into me. There’s so much around us all the time so for him to give me all of his attention makes me feel sexy and confident. Oh, and lingerie. That doesn’t hurt.

What’s the sexiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom?

Let’s just say that it wasn’t in the bedroom. And there was a little bit of a chance of getting caught.

So does the idea of public sex turn you on?

I wouldn’t say it’s a fetish of mine, but it happens. And when it does happen, you just have to act on it.

Any secret fantasies?

I’m not really sure. But never say never because you don’t know where you’re going to be in your life. However, there’s nothing that I’ve wished to do that I haven’t done.