Studies Show Beer Could Make You Better In Bed

Keg stands for everyone!

Good news, beer lovers! We now have even more reason to love the amber elixir. Sex expert Dr. Kat Van Kirk recently published a book uncovering just how amazing a cold one can be for your sex life. But don’t just take her word for it. We dug a little deeper into her analysis to see what the science has to say. And no, while we can’t guarantee chugging one and then immediately dialing up ladies in your contacts is going to result in anything but sloppy, awkward sex, we happily present our sudsy findings. 

You’ll last longer.

Knocking back a pint or two floods your body with phytoestrogens from the alcohol, and phytoestrogens are known for delaying ejaculation. What you get from beer is the perfect amount to keep you going longer than usual, but only if you drink in moderation. One too many and you’ll end up with a depressing case of whiskey dick, which is very counterintuitive.

Get in the mood faster.

There’s a good bit of science behind beer induced hard-ons. Dark beers like Guinness contain good amounts of iron, which builds red blood cells called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps turn nitrite — a metabolic byproduct — into nitric oxide, which is what controls blood flow to your penis. More nitric oxide means better blood flow to your junk, and that means better, stronger boners. 

More endurance.

Italian researchers found that daily beer drinkers are 31% less likely to have heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes. Better cardiac health = better stamina.

No more stomach gurgles.

If you feel a storm brewin’, drink a pint for some bubbly relief. Beer contains lots of B vitamins and probiotics, which is good for digestive health. When your stomach feels good, you won’t need to smile through heartburn, and you can get down to business without any pain.

Beer: helping men live their best (sex) lives.

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