The Belle Knox Guide to Nailing a Threeway

Statistically speaking, you’ll never have a threeway. Just in case sexual lightning strikes, here’s some valuable advice.

A threesome is like a Bugatti—everyone imagines having one, and few ever will. The key difference is the limiting factor: acquiring a Veyron necessitates an ostentatious outlay of petty cash, while negotiating a menage a trois requires subtle diplomacy. Talking one woman into talking another woman into an experience is all about convincing her – and, ideally, yourself – that you’re sharing an adventure. New sex is an experience and experiences make couples stronger. At least, that’s the nuance of the argument.

Of course there is also the possibility you’ll meet two women who happen to eager to share, but you’re probably just as likely to meet a unicorn dressed like a cop. If you do meet these women, acknowledge your luck and roll with it. Just don’t confuse good fortune with good technique.

To instruct us in the mechanics of pulling off the triple-play, we consulted with Belle Knox, who may well be America’s most famous porn-doing coed. She’s been there, she’s done that. Listen to her.

What are the unexpected snags in a threeway?

First of all, it definitely helps to have an outgoing and open personality to enjoy having a threesome. And in a scenario where a couple is involved, jealousy is a major issue. It also can get awkward if anyone in the equation feels uncomfortable being watched. 

How do you make sure no one feels left out?

Well, I know that when I’m shooting a threesome scene, I am constantly doing something – whether it be playing with one person, both, or myself – to prevent the third person from feeling left out. I may invite them to play with my body, kiss me, or play with themselves while they watch.

What does it take for you to even consider adding a third? Is it ever alright for a guy to want a another girl to join in?

Many men have propositioned me for a threesome with another girl, and sometimes I’m into it and sometimes not. If I have no feelings for him, then it wouldn’t bother me to see him with another girl. If I have feelings for him and he is going behind my back to look for other girls then that’s an entirely different story.

My ideal situation would be for us to invite a girl into our bedroom as a mutual activity for which we have established boundaries.

What’s more appealing: inviting another girl into a couple situation, or getting invited into another couple’s bed?

I enjoy them both! But there’s something especially sexy about being kinky and open with my partner enough to be able to invite another girl into our bedroom.

As a girl, do you prefer having a close relationship with another girl or is it easier to enjoy when they’re only a casual acquaintance?

It all depends on our level of trust and openness with each other, as well as our dynamic. I want to share an experience with someone that is uninhibited and fun. 

Is it a problem if your partner is open to adding another girl to the equation and not another guy?

Totally. I’ve found that many guys are afraid that engaging in a threesome with another guy would emasculate them and make them “gay.” I want to be with someone who is comfortable with himself and open minded.

When you’re sharing a guy with another girl, does one or the other of you become the dominant girl, or is it important to find a balance

If I’m sharing a guy with another girl, I would want us to both dominate him. That would be incredibly sexy.

Photos by Seb Oliver / Getty Images