The Way You Text Might Be The Reason Why You’re Still Single

Listen up people.


The way you text a new potential match—and your sad, pathetic attachment to tired abbreviations like YOLO or ROTFL—will most probably determine if you ever go on the first date.

The online dating website, Zoosk, recently published research suggesting that poor grammar and word choice can have a major impact on your dating success.

According to, the website surveyed more than 9,000 single individuals, and found that people can be pretty harsh when it comes to judging how a potential match puts a sentence together. If one can do it at all.

It probably won’t shock you that men aren’t too worked up over grammar and punctuation. However, for 65 percent of women, poor spelling is a major turn off, and potentially a signal that the man one the other side of the phone is uneducated and unintelligent.

Periods, however, continue to be punctuation marks fit for sociopaths. According to Today, “Additionally, Zoosk found that response rates to first messages sent with an exclamation point are 10 percent higher than ones without any punctuation or with periods.” 

So take that extra minute or so to read over your text messages, because it could be costing you a date.