This Is The Exact Age When You’ll Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

Hint: It’s later than you’d expect.

best sex

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If you were to ask a bunch of 20-somethings about the meaning of life, or any other important question for that matter, they probably couldn’t give you an answer you could trust, considering they haven’t even been alive for too long.

However, if you ask a bunch of old-ish people the same question, they can probably tell you something juicy, because they’ve been around for a looong time, and they’ve seen it all. That’s why you should trust older people when they give you advice.

With that in mind, a recent study, published in the online platform Happify, asked people in their 50s and 60s about their sex lives and when they think they hit their sexual peak, and their answers were definitely enlightening.

Apparently, you can expect to have some of the best sex of your life in your 40s, a.k.a. right when you’re approaching (or going through) some kind of midlife crisis. And interestingly enough, the specific age for the best sex ever was found to be…drum roll, please…46!

Yes, 46! The best year of your life will be when you turn 46. Hooray!

Well, that’s good news for anyone who is upset about getting older — at least you have something to look forward to!

Now, it goes without saying that not everyone will have mind-blowing sex when they’re 46…maybe you’re an outlier and you already hit your sexual peak when you were 25, or perhaps you won’t peak until you’re on your deathbed. Who knows?

Anyway, if you’re swiftly approaching your mid-forties, you best prepare yourself for the best years of your life, my friend. Great sex awaits. 

H/T: Men’s Health