Watch This Cyclist Grab The Lead Like a True Superhero

We are fully expecting to see this move in the 2017 Tour De France.

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While the idea that flattening one’s profile to minimize wind resistance by striking a Superman pose when speeding downhill seems obvious, it hasn’t occurred to nearly enough people. Seriously, why haven’t we seen this before? 

This heroic maneuver moved this gifted rider from dead last to front of the pack in about 10 seconds—so fast that even the pacer was left behind. 

While admittedly this looks dangerous as hell, that’s why these pro riders wear helmets. If you’ve got the balls to channel Superman, seems like you’re just fine with flirting with this kind of mortal danger.

Still, we may not try this on the next ride around the park without getting a better headgear. 

H/T Sploid