The Bombshell Blonde: Jayne Mansfield

“I like being a pin-up girl.”

Despite finding success on Broadway and in Hollywood, the radiant Jayne Mansfield was always content to self-describe in simple terms: “pin-up,” “bombshell, “ or “blonde.” She was a talented actress, but her fame was always tied more to her striking looks – incredible curves, full lips, platinum hair, and a beaming smile – than her resume. In the fifties and sixties, Mansfield was a legitimate alternative to Marilyn Monroe, minus the mystique and moodiness. Before she died tragically in a car accident at 34, Mansfield was the sunniest sex symbol around and a consummate movie star, all glamor and smiles. On the weekend of her birthday, we salute the gone-too-soon Jayne Mansfield and remember her charisma and that breathtaking silhouette.